Medewerker Technisch Klantgeluk
Medewerker Technisch Klantgeluk

Bij Whysor zoeken we een medewerker technisch klantgeluk die vrolijk wordt van technische vraagstukken.



We like to keep our options open;
This is the basis of our approach.

Our Approach

At Whysor, we work in a small and driven team. Everyone has their own knowledge and skills and by sharing that knowledge, great things are created. We think it’s important that everyone can be themselves, which makes us a strong team.

Our team approaches challenges from customers as openly as possible. With the combined knowledge of our customers and Whysor we will come up with a strong approach and find a fitting solution.

We can tell all sorts of things about ourselves, but we find it much more fun to do that in person. Then we get to know you too! Of course, we can do that digitally, but we’d like it even better if you drop by our office in Arcen. During a walk in our food forest, together with office dog Toby, we can get to know each other better, and at the same time we will show you the ways in which our knowledge is put to use.

At Whysor we can be ourselves, that’s what makes our team strong.
Teamfoto Whysor 2023