InSoGoat: Innovative Solutions for Goats. At its core InSoGoat is all about analysing individual variations in milk production, which varies between 700 and 3200 kg milk/goat/year, through big data. The project consists of stocktaking and analysis of available data of individual milk production, milk quality and feedings. These data have been collected over the past few years. Sensor modules that deliver their data to the cloud using LoRaWAN, measure certain climate factors like light intensity, temperature, ammonia, carbon dioxide, wind speed (draft) and relative humidity.

The project will be expanded by not only measuring movement/activity, disease and heart-rate, but also mapping out body processes like ruminate behaviour using new dairy cattle boluses. These new electronic micro boluses, which monitor pH and temperature in the stomach. The data the bolus produces can be read wirelessly. In the cow world this technology has proven itself, with advantages such as higher milk yield trough pH optimisation, support in determining feed and a view on the drinking behaviour.

The ultimate goal is to improve milk production and health on dairy goat farms.

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