Our Story

We like to keep our options open;
This is the basis of our approach.
In a ever changing world where knowledge is bound to a person or location, we want to create meaningful data that’s always available
Be curious


To measure is to know


We ask questions and explore every possibility.

Every project starts with the “Why.”
Why does the end user need this innovation, what will be the effects and last of all how are we going to measure this?

We’re open to every challenge.

To answer these questions, we use multiple sensors. We look at all the possible sensors on the market, and choose the best one for the project.

If we can’t find the best, we make them ourselves.
This way we gather only the most useful data for the project.
We then combine it with the knowlegde you have as a reseller, and make it all digital.

When you combine the “Why” and “Sor”, you become wiser.