Medewerker Technisch Klantgeluk
Medewerker Technisch Klantgeluk

Bij Whysor zoeken we een medewerker technisch klantgeluk die vrolijk wordt van technische vraagstukken.


Everlasting IT

We explore ways to combine knowledge and data to create wisdom. This digitized wisdom goes beyond borders and generations.
IT that lasts forever.
Whysor dashboard in nature
How we make
things everlasting
Whysor, wall of plants with sensors.
Whysor is best described as a knowledgeable and innovative tech club. They are real professionals and therefore also provide a very high quality service.
Harm | Slimme Stal
Whysor’s method is practical, with small steps and they work very closely with us. As a reseller I always know where I stand.
Didy | Soilmania
Whysor offers such a strong platform that I dare to white label it under my name.
Ruud | VADEX
I would describe Whysor as accessible, pleasant and professional.
Caspar | IUCN NL
Our road to lasting wisdom

Are you, like us, eager to make data meaningful?

Our process